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Getting in Touch

Moxie Abroad: Getting in Touch is a blog Bojana Started to document her time spent on her 2019-2020 Fulbright researching access in the arts in the Czech Republic. It comes form the viewpoint of a person living with low vision navigating a new city on her own, immersing herself in the art and culture of the place and learning to navigate different social attitudes towards disability . The blog was paused after Coklyat was evacuated from her town due to the Covid 19 pandemic.


Will the Real Crip,Please NOT Stand Up?

I had initially been planning to write about all the food places I’ve been able to check out while being here in Brno but something happened that I felt was more pressing to write about. It’s something that I find really upsetting and vile. In short, the way I’ve been living my life didn’tadd up to the stereotypes of disability for some folks. Accusations of disabled people “faking” aren’t anything particular to the Czech Republic but, there is a very different disability his