Moxie Abroad

Getting in Touch

Moxie Abroad: Getting in Touch is a blog Bojana Started to document her time spent on her 2019-2020 Fulbright researching access in the arts in the Czech Republic. It comes form the viewpoint of a person living with low vision navigating a new city on her own, immersing herself in the art and culture of the place and learning to navigate different social attitudes towards disability . The blog was paused after Coklyat was evacuated from her town due to the Covid 19 pandemic.


Food Story: Tasting It All

Foooood!! It helps us survive and we all love it AND it’s also the “method” I used to familiarize myself to the city ofBrno. It’s one that includes seeking out as many new eateries as I could find. Part of this was for fun but the other was to push myself to learn to navigate better. Finding a new place to experience also helped get me out of the apartment and into the community. I wasn’t having super meaningful conversations but I was meeting some new people and having shor