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Art and Access Consulting: “More Than a Checklist”

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While the ADA guidelines are an important resource in creating art spaces where disabled artists, visitors, and staff feel welcome, access is more than a checklist. My services are tailored to each unique space as well as the different group dynamics involved in making more access and engagement happen.  Innovation and resourcefulness are two keystones for creating engaging art, I use these principles to implement significant access. Marketing tips, webinars, curatorial guidance, social media best practices, Access 101 workshop and more…

One on one sessions

One on one sessions can allow us to have deeper conversations about ways to engage disabled artists and audiences. Whether you need a general overview on what access would look like in your space or a more in-depth discussion on better curatorial practices, these sessions are informative and generative. Connecting with people is at the heart of my consulting approach. Reviewing verbal description, media guides, grant proposals, surveys, and more is also available.

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Introductory access workshops                are available as well as more specific workshops depending on your needs. The Workshops are interactive and open up discussions about access, disability and how to move forward as a group.

Bojana & Shannon Finnegan present to a workshop on Alt-Text

Access Strategy Plan

Access in the arts for disabled people is a growing need and there has been increasing pressure to provide more than ADA regulated accommodations. Are you looking to increase what you do for disabled visitors or are you starting from the beginning? Either way, I can assist in implementing a system which is approached with the spirit of collaboration in mind.  Learn how to connect with local resources, workshops and grants.

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Implementation and planning

Access in the arts for disabled people is my number one priority and I will dedicate my time, energy and resources into making your event or organization one that can be a cultural destination for disabled artists and patrons. Our arts community’s cultural vitality deepens when all of our community can come together. For example, I would research your organization/institution's needs and create a workshop based on the data gathered. I would then consult more closely with key people involved in making the space or event more accessible.

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Consulting Experience:

The JCAST: Jersey City Arts and Studio Tour 2020
Reuben Foundation 2020
Filmmaker Sasha Wortzel 2020
The Jewish Museum of New York city 2020
Czech Republic Fulbright Commission 2019-2020
NYU Kimmel Gallery 2019-2020
NYU Gallatin Gallery 2018-2019
NYU Office of Global Inclusion2019
Golden door Film Festival 2019
The Whitney Museum of American Art 2019
Hudson County Cultural Affairs Local Art Program (LAP)ADA Panel 2012-2018
Art House Productions 2013-2017
Pro Arts Jersey City 2016
Riverview Jazz Festival 2016
Central Avenue SID 2017
No Peaking Theatre 2016
NJ Cultural Access Network 2016
Vison Loss Alliance of New Jersey 2015


Current Position 

Mapping Virtual Access in Cultural Institutions Project Leader at the Museum Art and Culture Access Consortium (MAC). Documenting current innovations in access during COVID.

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